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We have one mandatory fundraiser each year and that is our Super Bowl Squares. 1st player per
family needs to sell 6 squares each ($50/square) and each additional player per family needs to
sell 3 squares. Our Super Bowl fundraiser gives us a profit of $10,000 that we need for umps,
tournament fees, balls, etc. in order to have our season.

Super Bowl squares and money must be turned into your team manager on or before January 21, 2024. Any player not selling their assigned # of squares must purchase the squares themselves.

Very important - Super Bowl square money must be turned in to your own managers along with
a sheet identifying the individual that purchased each square from you.


Teams can choose to do additional fundraisers for their team for a specific cause.


Pool 1 - 8u

Pool 2 -9U & 16u

Pool 3 -10u 

Pool 4 -11u, 16u

Pool 5 - 13u, 16u

Pool 6 - 18u

Pool 7

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