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ECLIPSE plays a full-time travel schedule. Eclipse is separate from Evergreen Park Girls Softball Little League (EPGSL) and there are no boundary requirements for Eclipse. However, as part of our mission not to hurt the local league: All players (8U-14U)(except high school players) must register, pay for, and continually participate in the IN-HOUSE EPGSL league to qualify for Eclipse. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the Eclipse. The EPGSL season runs April - June and players can expect to play 2 games per week on weekdays leaving the weekends open for those players playing travel softball. 

We work with the local league not to take players away. In return we get field access to the Evergreen Park fields. As a result, it's been a win-win for both organizations.  


The Eclipse program is entirely run by players fees and one Super Bowl fundraiser. Our fees are lower than most travel organizations. 


The ECLIPSE age determination date is a player’s age as of 12/31 of the current season.


The main goal of the ECLIPSE Program is to allow girls the opportunity to play more softball at a competitive level. The girls that play on the ECLIPSE teams will be exposed to fall, winter and spring practice time and a higher level of competition during games. As a result the younger players will most likely be better prepared for the All-Star season and the older players better prepared for High School and  beyond.


Many of our ECLIPSE players are multi-sport athletes. We encourage the girls to play other sports or become involved in academic activities in the fall, winter and early spring to become better well-rounded players or individuals.  ECLIPSE provides our parents with a cost efficient alternative to other full time travel softball organizations which can cost approximately $1,500-$5,000/year.

Based on interest we will be fielding teams at the 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 16U and 18U levels. In some instances we may have more than one team at each age division depending on numbers and managers. Unfortunately, there may also have to be cuts. The teams will be selected through open tryouts in July. Although talent level will be a major factor in selecting players, availability and commitment are just as important. The teams will play games and tournaments from late August to July. There will also be practices throughout the season as well as winter workouts and in-door hitting practice.  The number of games, practice and tournaments will depend on the team manager.

The ECLIPSE season runs from August to July. 

Although each ECLIPSE team is separate, they all operate as one program under the jurisdiction of the ECLIPSE coordinator. Each ECLIPSE manager must clear his or her schedule through the ECLIPSE coordinator. ECLIPSE games MUST NOT conflict with IN-HOUSE GAMES. ECLIPSE managers should also try to avoid practice conflicts as the best they can with IN-HOUSE TEAMS. The ECLIPSE coordinator will monitor to make sure ECLIPSE practices interferes minimally with practices for IN-HOUSE PLAY. ECLIPSE managers must also keep the coordinator updated on where/when they practice at all times. 

Eclipse Director: Rich Farmer.
708-825-6358 |


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